Residence permit in Montenegro
The beautiful nature has made Montenegro an extremely popular tourist destination for a variety of holidays - from relaxing on the sunny beaches of the Adriatic Sea to hiking in…

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Real estate abroad? Of course in Turkey!
In Russia, a rather large, let's say, group of people has formed that would like to acquire real estate abroad. Naturally, the question arises of exactly where and on what…

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How to choose real estate in Germany?
In this article, I would like to share with you my experience in searching for real estate in Germany, which I got when choosing housing in the federal state of…

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Where in Germany to buy real estate and how much does it cost

For those who have affirmed in their decision to invest in German foreign real estate, it will not be amiss to familiarize themselves with the intricacies of living in Germany. This is especially true of such key social needs as the choice of place of residence, as well as the level of medicine and education. Moreover, if you intend to purchase real estate not only for the purpose of generating income, but also have the intention to move to this country forever.

The medicine
German medicine has come a long and thorny path from medieval alchemy to reputable universities, whose medical faculties have given the world many famous doctors and scientists.

Many years of successful experience, an excellent technical and intellectual base allow us to achieve the highest rates in almost all areas of medicine. Modern Germany occupies a leading position in the quality of medical services worldwide. Continue reading

Why apartments in Prague are getting more expensive

Most of the real estate purchase and sale transactions in the Czech Republic, in which the Russians participate, are carried out in the capital. Five years ago, the situation was different. Along with Prague, Russian investors also enjoyed housing in resort towns: Teplice and others. Now the supply there exceeds the demand, despite the fact that last year in Karlovy Vary a decrease in the cost of a square meter by 3.8% was noted. On the contrary, affordable apartments in Prague are not enough for everyone. According to rough estimates, the deficit is about 8 thousand objects. At the same time, in 2018 developers issued only 3 thousand permits for the construction of new apartments.

Increasing demand and rising prices for apartments in Prague
The number of residents of the capital over the past two decades has been constantly increasing – up to 14 thousand people annually. Favorable factors contribute to population growth and a related boom in the Czech real estate market. The economy is experiencing a boom, so in 2018 GDP grew by 3%. High patches attract foreign workers. There is a need for qualified personnel in the country. Free quality education at prestigious universities in Prague contributes to the influx of students from abroad. The statistics fixes the growth of incomes of residents of the capital, it is more than twice the rate of inflation, which predictably leads to stimulation of demand for services and goods, including real estate. Continue reading

Why do Russians love Alicante so much

For more than 15 years, Spain has maintained a leading position among countries that are most attractive to investors from Russia. Local realtors confirm that the Russians are among the top 10 non-resident investors who actively enter into sales transactions in the local real estate market.

Russians prefer three main regions: the Canary Islands, Catalonia and the Valencia Community. It is to the latter that the province of Alicante belongs, which will be discussed today. By the way, Nikita Mikhalkov, actors Yevgeny Mironov and Yuri Stoyanov, as well as singer Lada Dance became the owners of luxury real estate here at the time.

The combination of several factors at once, such as the large Russian community, reasonable real estate prices, close proximity to the sea, good opportunities for renting real estate, well-developed infrastructure, affordable food prices and much more make this region as attractive as possible for investors. Continue reading

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