Nicosia for the first time in seven years surpassed Limassol in terms of home sales
We are already familiar with the biological rhythms of man from our articles and the E-book. A person’s heart beats with a frequency ranging from 55 to 85 beats /…

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Alanya How I bought an apartment here
I bought an apartment in Alanya in Turkey in the winter of 2019, I decided to share my purchase experience, I hope it will be useful to those who decide…

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Turkish citizenship for investment
Turkey grants citizenship to the investor and his family for a significant contribution to the country's economy. In this case, you can get a passport according to a simplified scheme.…

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Buying property in Spain as an investment

Investing in foreign real estate is a reliable investment with an average return. They also attract Russians by the opportunity to earn on savings in euros, since in recent years the rates on foreign currency deposits are extremely low. One of the main ways to recoup the investments made is to lease real estate. In the list of countries that allow you to earn in this way, Spain is one of the first places.

Spanish rental market
Today in Spain, more than 20% of housing is leased. Experts note that most of the young families that previously saved up money for their own homes now prefer to rent housing. Add to this that Spain is one of the most popular tourist destinations, and it will become clear why a rental business, if properly managed, brings a stable income of at least 5% per year.

The most popular among tourists are Barcelona, ​​Mallorca, Murcia. The occupancy rate of real estate in Barcelona reaches 90% throughout the year, since tourists come here not only in high season. Another profitable region for the rental business is Valencia, but here the majority of tenants are students. Spanish universities are actively involved in exchange programs, so there is always a demand for apartments near them. Continue reading

Buying property in Cyprus as an investment

The unique location of Cyprus makes this island very attractive for investors. On the one hand, Cyprus is a large business center in which the interests of European entrepreneurs merge with the interests of Eastern businessmen. On the other hand, Cyprus is a resort island. The wonderful climate, clean beaches, low crime rates and excellent infrastructure attract here both a lot of tourists and those who would like to receive income from renting out real estate.

Market condition
Investing in Cyprus real estate is suitable for those for whom the reliability of investments is more important than high profitability. On average, the island’s residential and commercial real estate is growing at a price of 5-7% per year. Leasing it can bring another 3-5% of the profit annually. The main advantage of Cyprus is the continuous flow of tourists, both from Europe and from Russia. At the same time, despite a considerable number of hotels, the demand for rental housing still exceeds supply, especially in the budget real estate sector. Continue reading

Alicante. In which areas is it better to buy property?

Over the past six years, the Spanish real estate market has been characterized by the following state of affairs: the maximum number of transactions for the purchase of real estate by Russians was in 2013–2014. The past crisis, which led to a drop in market prices, as well as the adoption of a law on foreigners, according to which you can get a “golden visa” when buying real estate, contributed to the growth of activity of private investors, including Russians. During 2015, the demand for Spanish real estate “dipped” somewhat, and after 2016, the market again revived noticeably.

The attractiveness of the Spanish real estate market is determined by the following factors:

the reality of housing prices – they are not overpriced and are a true reflection of the market situation,
the possibility of obtaining a residence permit,
the availability of the Golden Visa program,
excellent geographical location of the country and the presence of the sea,
comfortable transport links, Continue reading

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