To see Paris and ... stunned by French housing
A huge number of people dream of visiting the city of love and romance, the city of the Eiffel Tower, royal palaces and the European Disneyland. Here I am from…

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Real estate in Prague - an alternative to investment in real estate in Moscow?
According to the results of recent years, the Czech Republic is steadily among the ten countries in Europe that are in demand among real estate investors. And it is Russian…

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Property Maintenance Costs in Turkey
The purchase of a house or apartment always entails expenses for its maintenance. Real estate in Turkey is no exception. Russian citizens who are happy to buy housing in this…

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house for one year

Alicante. In which areas is it better to buy property?

Over the past six years, the Spanish real estate market has been characterized by the following state of affairs: the maximum number of transactions for the purchase of real estate by Russians was in 2013–2014. The past crisis, which led to a drop in market prices, as well as the adoption of a law on foreigners, according to which you can get a “golden visa” when buying real estate, contributed to the growth of activity of private investors, including Russians. During 2015, the demand for Spanish real estate “dipped” somewhat, and after 2016, the market again revived noticeably.

The attractiveness of the Spanish real estate market is determined by the following factors:

the reality of housing prices – they are not overpriced and are a true reflection of the market situation,
the possibility of obtaining a residence permit,
the availability of the Golden Visa program,
excellent geographical location of the country and the presence of the sea,
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About Property in Spanish Torrevieja

Citizens of our country are increasingly turning their eyes to foreign real estate. Moreover, among the variety of proposals, Spain is considered as the most optimal and promising option. On the Iberian Peninsula, you should pay close attention to apartments in Torrevieja.

A bit about geography
The city itself is located in a very attractive place from a geographical point of view. The most important and very valuable thing for our people is that it is located in close proximity to the sea. In fact, real estate in Torrevieja is the perspective of the marine climate in a city (with excellent infrastructure).

It is for this reason that people buy apartments here. The local climate is always loyal. In winter there are no frosts, and in the summer it does not fry, precipitation also falls within reasonable limits and for the current season. Continue reading

Buying Property in Italy

Amazing Italy … Washed by four seas, this tourist paradise attracts lovers of travel and beautiful life. Why put off chic for later? The acquisition of real estate in this country is the first step towards a decent life, which you undoubtedly deserve.

Italy can offer you a variety of real estate options. First of all, it is important to decide on the purpose of the acquired property, to select the area and the maximum budget for the purchase. You can offer from exclusive villas to small apartments. And most importantly – decide for yourself whether you will live seasonally or permanently in the corner of your Italian dream. When searching for offers for sale, immediately stipulate and clarify all the details of the transaction, especially financial issues. It is better to work through a legally competent intermediary.

Regarding new products in the mortgage market, areas such as Calabria and Liguria are gaining popularity. Why are they so attractive? Continue reading

Buying property in Cyprus as an investment
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Relocation to permanent residence in Deggendorf, Germany
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Where in Germany to buy real estate and how much does it cost
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Obtaining a residence permit when buying property in Northern Cyprus
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