How to buy property in Cyprus
Cyprus is a legendary place. Here epochs and cultures intertwine, here the clear sea and white sandy beaches, and the mountains come close to the water. This is a special…

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Features of buying property in Northern Cyprus
In Northern Cyprus, a unique, but completely stable, political situation has developed. A small part of the land in the state remained in the possession of the Greek Cypriots previously…

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Autumn has come: where to spend the "velvet" season?
So the summer passed, most of us returned to our jobs and will now be jealous of those who “shine” their vacations only in September. After all, the “velvet” season…

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Buying property in Montenegro

Montenegro is a small mountainous country of the Balkan Peninsula with a population of just over 620 thousand people, the western border of which is washed by the Adriatic Sea. At one time, it was part of Soviet Yugoslavia, and now it is a candidate for membership in the European Union and, relatively recently (since 2017), it has been a part of NATO. Real estate in Montenegro is a popular investment destination for Russian residents: customers are attracted by the climate, prices and proximity to the largest European countries.

Best areas to live
The choice of location depends on the objectives of real estate acquisition: periodic beach vacations, purchase for further moving to permanent residence and for doing business, search for a “place in the sun” in advanced years. The capital Podgorica is located in the flat part of the country a few tens of kilometers from the sea, but the main and largest cities are located along the coast. From north to south, the coastal part of the country is occupied by the municipalities of five cities: Continue reading

Alicante. Buying Property For Rent

According to Spanish real estate agencies, more than 20% of the total housing stock in Spain is leased. In Alicante, this figure is even higher – 30% and will only grow due to the expansion of tourism, experts predict.

This is not surprising – the magnificent Mediterranean climate, numerous historical sights, magnificent promenades and the magical sea attract millions of tourists every year, who each time discover a bright and welcoming Spain in a new way.

The development of international student programs, as well as the lack of desire among modern youth to acquire their own square meters, contributes to an increase in the share of rental housing.

Taking into account the fact that Spain is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, short-term rental housing for the summer period guarantees a 5% return – in the summer months, almost 90% of the resort housing is booked here. Continue reading

5 most picturesque islands of Italy

Surely every travel lover dreamed of visiting the wonderful country of Italy. On the world map, you can immediately recognize it by its unique form, namely the shape of a boot. But various islands with picturesque landscapes and a rainbow atmosphere also adjoin its territory. They not only delight the eye, but also provide an excellent opportunity for relaxation. These islands include Capri, Procida, Ischia, Lampedusa and Lipari.

5 most picturesque islands of Italy
This island is suitable for both lovers of a relaxing holiday, and for large companies and families with children. It is here that there is a wide variety of secluded bays and wide beaches. The island of Capri is the most attractive for travelers because of the Blue Grotto, a cave with a magical color of water. In the capital you can find excellent restaurants and company shops. Continue reading

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