Features of buying property in Northern Cyprus
In Northern Cyprus, a unique, but completely stable, political situation has developed. A small part of the land in the state remained in the possession of the Greek Cypriots previously…

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Buying property in Montenegro
Montenegro is a small mountainous country of the Balkan Peninsula with a population of just over 620 thousand people, the western border of which is washed by the Adriatic Sea.…

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Real estate in Slovenia? Why not!
Why exactly Slovenia? Having been here even once, you will surely be imbued with the charm of this small but charming European country. Excellent climatic conditions and a wide variety…

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Obtaining a residence permit in the Czech Republic

Among the European countries where Russians prefer to relocate, the Czech Republic is in the leading position. There are good reasons for this. Czech language is related to Russian, it is easier to learn than, for example, French. Getting a job here is an achievable goal.

For immigration, you can rent a house or buy property in the secondary or primary market. There are enough offers, the average price per square meter in the country is 3300 €. Renting a one-room apartment in Prague costs 350-450 € per month, in other cities or in the countryside it is usually cheaper. Settlement in the Czech Republic is much easier when obtaining a residence permit.

Benefits for owners of a residence permit
A residence permit is not automatically granted to property owners in the Czech Republic. They receive only visa benefits – the opportunity to apply for a multi-visa and remain outside the country for 180 days a year. For those with a residence permit there are no restrictions on residence. There is a condition – a permit for long-term stay is renewed every 5 years. Continue reading

Real estate in Prague – an alternative to investment in real estate in Moscow?

According to the results of recent years, the Czech Republic is steadily among the ten countries in Europe that are in demand among real estate investors. And it is Russian investors who take a large market share, who consider buying an apartment in the Czech Republic, and in particular in Prague, a promising and profitable investment.

Demand for rent is stable, access threshold is affordable, the rights of owners are well protected by law, the country’s economy is not a concern. All this allows us to confidently talk about buying property in Prague as a good investment option in foreign real estate.

What real estate can foreigners buy in the Czech Republic?
There are no legislative restrictions on the purchase of both commercial and residential real estate in the country. From commercial real estate, office, warehouse and retail premises, restaurants, and hotels are available for purchase. But the greatest demand is for residential real estate in Prague. Continue reading

What is the attractiveness of real estate in Italy

Italy is a country living in the dreams of many. Now you can become part of it by purchasing real estate here. This will make it possible to live in civilization, and also not to be a stranger in this unusual country. The Italians have created a whole paradigm of features, national color, allowing them to be unique. The combination of rational and emotional in the nature of the people is due to ancient history and geographical location.

Real estate acquisition is a win-win investment and housing fortress. In addition, by acquiring private property there, the holder becomes the holder of a “C” type visa. And this opens the door to Europe for 90 days in each half year.

Acquisition of real estate in Italy, reasons
Studying a country is often associated with subsequent nostalgia. Once in Italy, you can get rid of this feeling only by staying there forever. Choice based on emotional dependence and preference is the main factor in the acquisition of housing here by non-indigenous residents. Continue reading

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