Calabria Historical and cultural features of the region
Calabria is the administrative region of Italy, which includes five provinces and is located on the southwestern edge of the Apennine peninsula. The hills are washed by the waters of…

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Immigration to Italy: visa benefits and advantages of obtaining a residence permit
According to the latest survey by the reputable Gallup Public Opinion Research Institute in 2019, more than 20% of Russians would like to immigrate. That is, every fifth resident of…

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About Property in Spanish Torrevieja
Citizens of our country are increasingly turning their eyes to foreign real estate. Moreover, among the variety of proposals, Spain is considered as the most optimal and promising option. On…

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Obtaining a residence permit in the Czech Republic

Among the European countries where Russians prefer to relocate, the Czech Republic is in the leading position. There are good reasons for this. Czech language is related to Russian, it is easier to learn than, for example, French. Getting a job here is an achievable goal.

For immigration, you can rent a house or buy property in the secondary or primary market. There are enough offers, the average price per square meter in the country is 3300 €. Renting a one-room apartment in Prague costs 350-450 € per month, in other cities or in the countryside it is usually cheaper. Settlement in the Czech Republic is much easier when obtaining a residence permit.

Benefits for owners of a residence permit
A residence permit is not automatically granted to property owners in the Czech Republic. They receive only visa benefits – the opportunity to apply for a multi-visa and remain outside the country for 180 days a year. For those with a residence permit there are no restrictions on residence. There is a condition – a permit for long-term stay is renewed every 5 years. Continue reading

Property Maintenance Costs in Turkey

The purchase of a house or apartment always entails expenses for its maintenance. Real estate in Turkey is no exception. Russian citizens who are happy to buy housing in this warm country do not always think about how much it will cost them a new property after purchase.

It should be noted that maintaining Turkish real estate is somewhat cheaper than, for example, Spanish. Real estate tax in Turkey is lower, the cost of utilities is less. However, to completely avoid the costs will not work. Foreign citizens who have bought a home in Turkey pay the same taxes and fees as the locals.

Property tax
This type of fees depends on the type of real estate – whether it is residential or commercial, it is a house or apartment, an economy class or a luxury segment. In general, the tax amount on an apartment, villa, house or apartment ranges from 0.1% to 0.2% of its value. The minimum amount is paid by residents of small cities and towns, and those who live in large urban centers – shell out to the maximum. However, the cadastral value of housing is often much lower than the real one, and therefore the tax is not large. Continue reading

Cyprus Features of real estate taxation

The acquisition of real estate in Cyprus is in demand among foreign citizens who are absolutely not afraid of the high cost of housing. Prices, on the contrary, attract potential buyers who want to buy an apartment, apartment or house in a country where there is no crime, a favorable climate, beautiful nature, quality of life and excellent business development opportunities. But foreigners who buy studios, apartments, villas, apartments in residential complexes must, before concluding a transaction, study the specifics of the tax payment system.

Types of taxes
When buying property in Cyprus, foreign citizens are subject to local tax laws, according to which the following types of fees must be paid:

A one-time payment when the registration of property rights takes place.
Special stamp duty (payable once).
Property tax that the owner of a particular type of housing will have to pay every year. Continue reading

Cyprus Features of real estate taxation
The acquisition of real estate in Cyprus is in demand among foreign citizens who are absolutely not afraid of the high cost of housing. Prices, on the contrary, attract potential…


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