Moving from Alanya to Mahmutlar Russian Freelancer Experiment
Work multiplied by leisure Anatoly does not like to sit in one place. He is twenty eight years old. He graduated from the Department of Foreign Languages ​​at St. Petersburg…

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5 most picturesque islands of Italy
Surely every travel lover dreamed of visiting the wonderful country of Italy. On the world map, you can immediately recognize it by its unique form, namely the shape of a…

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How to get a residence permit in Cyprus and EU citizenship
The Republic of Cyprus is an island state, which is often considered by residents of Russia as a permanent place to live or to periodically visit. This country has a…

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need to be prepared

To see Paris and … stunned by French housing

A huge number of people dream of visiting the city of love and romance, the city of the Eiffel Tower, royal palaces and the European Disneyland. Here I am from among those. Only I, in my usual manner, decided not just to visit the capital of France, as an ordinary tourist, but to live there. Preferably at least six months. Better yet, a year.

With this firm intention, I bought a ticket, and within a couple of weeks, the board of the French national airline Airfrance brought me to Charles De Gaulle’s huge airport with comfort, delicious food and free wine, from where my misadventures began.

Back in the homeland, it was decided to finally decide on the choice of housing in which I will spend this Paris year, already being directly in Paris. And in the first days, while I will search, book an apartment through Airbnb. Since nothing special was needed for these early days, I chose a small studio apartment under the roof in one of the old houses in Montmartre. In such, as is commonly believed, poor artists settled, then gaining greatness.

A week in such a studio cost me 500 euros. And it seemed to me that it is very expensive. But I decided not to spoil my upcoming adventure with negative thoughts. Moreover, it was expected upon arrival to rent another apartment, much better and cheaper. Dreaming. Continue reading

How we decided to buy an apartment on the Costa Daurada

There were several reasons for this. Firstly, I learned about the real-estate crisis in 2008–2013, which has hit a price crisis. in this country. It continues now, although, in fairness, we note that prices are no longer as “tasty” as before, when apartments could be bought at half price from their real value.

Secondly, the number of sunny days at any point on the Mediterranean coast is more than 300 days, for our person it is just a paradise.

Thirdly, I realized that it is not necessary to buy a penthouse on the seashore for a couple of hundred thousand euros – there are cheaper options in small towns some distance from the coast at a price 2-3 times cheaper.

Fourth, here you can take a mortgage even to a non-resident at a ridiculous interest. I will add to these reasons the normal infrastructure in the cities of the coast, safety and delicious cuisine. And then my mother-in-law died, leaving a 3-room apartment in the center of Yekaterinburg, which can be sold. In general, they knocked out their resources, multiplied by a huge desire to buy a house in Spain, and began to search. Continue reading

Personal experience renting a house and living in winter

I absolutely did not want to bother with visas. The presence of one passport has become a basic priority in finding a country that can be visited in the winter of 2019–2020. To my surprise, browsing the Internet, I found a huge list of visa-free countries for Russians. 116 pieces to be exact. Of course, the list contained countries such as Kyrgyzstan or Belarus, but there were South Africa, Seychelles, Nepal, Mexico, and Cyprus.

I’ll get ahead of myself by saying that now I’m just in Cyprus, but first things first.

Finding out where I can go with only a passport, of course, I began to study the prices of airlines. For example, in South Africa you can fly in the winter for 25 thousand rubles., In Cyprus for 7 thousand rubles. Okay, a ticket to Cyprus is not so expensive. Let’s see how much housing costs.

Here the fun begins. There was an absolute misunderstanding of how to rent a property abroad. How to look if there will be a lease in what language? does not allow reservations for more than a month, and the prices are absolutely unbelievable. Continue reading

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How we decided to buy an apartment on the Costa Daurada
There were several reasons for this. Firstly, I learned about the real-estate crisis in 2008–2013, which has hit a price crisis. in this country. It continues now, although, in fairness,…


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