Unusual property. Houses on water and under water
From ancient times, water attracted people. After all, this is not just a source of life, but part of our daily routine. We cannot do without her even a day!…

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How to choose real estate in Germany?
In this article, I would like to share with you my experience in searching for real estate in Germany, which I got when choosing housing in the federal state of…

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Cyprus Features of real estate taxation
The acquisition of real estate in Cyprus is in demand among foreign citizens who are absolutely not afraid of the high cost of housing. Prices, on the contrary, attract potential…

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the location

Personal experience renting a house and living in winter

I absolutely did not want to bother with visas. The presence of one passport has become a basic priority in finding a country that can be visited in the winter of 2019–2020. To my surprise, browsing the Internet, I found a huge list of visa-free countries for Russians. 116 pieces to be exact. Of course, the list contained countries such as Kyrgyzstan or Belarus, but there were South Africa, Seychelles, Nepal, Mexico, and Cyprus.

I’ll get ahead of myself by saying that now I’m just in Cyprus, but first things first.

Finding out where I can go with only a passport, of course, I began to study the prices of airlines. For example, in South Africa you can fly in the winter for 25 thousand rubles., In Cyprus for 7 thousand rubles. Okay, a ticket to Cyprus is not so expensive. Let’s see how much housing costs.

Here the fun begins. There was an absolute misunderstanding of how to rent a property abroad. How to look if there will be a lease in what language? Booking.com does not allow reservations for more than a month, and the prices are absolutely unbelievable. Continue reading

Moving from Alanya to Mahmutlar Russian Freelancer Experiment

Work multiplied by leisure
Anatoly does not like to sit in one place. He is twenty eight years old. He graduated from the Department of Foreign Languages ​​at St. Petersburg State University. He is fluent in English and German. At the household level – Bulgarian and Turkish. The guy is promoting virtual resources. Leads a specialized website for the sale of advertising texts. Vera has been living in Turkey for several years with her girlfriend. Just a few weeks ago, they moved from the center of Alanya to Mahmutlar and are very pleased with it.

Life in Russia
I have a craving for languages ​​since childhood. My older brother was fond of electronics. Repair computers. “Iron” itself didn’t attract me much, but programming gave me a chance to earn money already in high school. There was a need for a good knowledge of English. I transferred to school with a special bias. Plus tutor and films in the original. I decided to develop this area more seriously. He graduated from the philology department and took up advertising texts at a professional level. Soon he earned his first solid money. Continue reading

Relocation to permanent residence in Deggendorf, Germany

For example, I was surprised why most Germans prefer to live in rented apartments, if there is an opportunity to purchase their own housing. On this issue, my spouse and I had a different opinion. Now we live in our 4-room apartment in a small town. But first things first.

Why we decided to buy our home
Immediately upon arrival, we got to a temporary camp, where we stayed for several days. There we were issued documents and identified with the place of residence. Since most of my relatives live in Bavaria, we asked for it there. In addition, it is a rich land where you can easily find work, which can not be said about the north of Germany.

They sent us to the small town of Deggendorf on the banks of the Danube with a population of 38 thousand people. It is located 130 km from Munich. Even in the camp, we were informed that there are free social apartments there, one of which we can call in. No, they are not like our Russian communal apartments or Khrushchev’s. Social – because they are located in houses that were built by the city administration especially for poor citizens. Continue reading

Where in Germany to buy real estate and how much does it cost
For those who have affirmed in their decision to invest in German foreign real estate, it will not be amiss to familiarize themselves with the intricacies of living in Germany.…


Buying an apartment in the Czech Republic: a profitable purchase?
The Czech Republic is a colorful and interesting country, famous for its national cuisine, unique architecture and an abundance of attractions. The flow of Russian tourists here does not dry…


Buying property in Spain as an investment
Investing in foreign real estate is a reliable investment with an average return. They also attract Russians by the opportunity to earn on savings in euros, since in recent years…


Buying property in Montenegro
Montenegro is a small mountainous country of the Balkan Peninsula with a population of just over 620 thousand people, the western border of which is washed by the Adriatic Sea.…