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In which region of Spain is it profitable to buy real estate?

The cost of a house, villa or apartment in Spain largely depends on its location. The same factor determines the possibility of making a profit from renting, the ability to lead a comfortable lifestyle, and many other important points. The territory of Spain is divided into 17 regions, of which only 5 are the most popular. The reasons for its popularity are climatic factors and favorable conditions for living and doing business.

This region is the northernmost territory of the Mediterranean coast. Foreigners willingly buy property in its capital, Barcelona, ​​at the popular resorts of Costa Bravo and Costa Dorada. At the same time, the general atmosphere in Costa Bravo is somewhat calmer, but the more southern Costa Dorada is full of noise, life and tourists most of the time.

In Catalonia, the change of seasons is clearly noticeable, winter is cold and dank here, but the rest of the year the nature is simply fabulous. Even the rural hinterland in this part of the country looks like an advertising illustration – olive groves, vineyards, lush gardens and groves look like works of art.

Local real estate is growing rapidly in price, an apartment in Barcelona will pay off quickly, in just a few years. As a drawback, it should be noted that this is not the most peaceful part of the country in the political sense: rallies, protests and strikes in Catalonia are a regular occurrence.

In which region of Spain is it profitable to buy real estate?
This area boasts three climatic zones – the first of them has a typical Mediterranean climate, humid, warm, with rainy winters. The climate of the second zone is continental, it is characterized by a distinct change of seasons, rather cold winters and hot summers with occasional rains. The third part of the region is part of the desert-Mediterranean climate, which means dry, hot summers and almost the same winters.

Wealthy real estate buyers like the Mediterranean area near Denia and Javea, and the area south of Alicante, dry and hot, attracts those who prefer to live sparingly. Currently, prices for apartments and houses in this area are actively growing. Alicante and nearby Torrevieja are places oriented towards the development of tourism. If you plan to receive rental income – take a look at these regions.

Real estate in the north of the region is a little more expensive, but overall the choice is very large, literally on any budget. In Valencia, developed social infrastructure, many shops, restaurants, entertainment venues.

Murcia is called the greenhouse of Spain. In its hot climate, wonderful fruits ripen earlier than anywhere else in the country. The regional authorities are making serious efforts to attract investors, primarily in infrastructure and real estate. Houses and apartments here are cheaper than in other regions, which is partly due to the lack of quality drinking water.

The most popular town is Costa Calida. Experienced tourists know that here you can cheaply rent housing, and not far from the sea. Currently, due to the state of its social infrastructure, the region is more suitable for permanent residence of pensioners than for tourism.

A villa in Andalusia is the dream of many Europeans. The eight provinces of the region have everything – high mountains, green valleys, golden beaches. This is the most populated part of the Kingdom of Spain, with a developed infrastructure, a lot of entertainment and attractions, in a word, a real tourist Mecca. The names Costa del Sol and Costa del la Luz are famous all over the world.

Real estate in Andalusia is characterized primarily by a high price. People of low income do not own houses and even apartments in this part of the country. This fact has both pros and cons. On the one hand, to buy a villa here you will have to spend serious money, bear the costs of maintaining the property and pay considerable taxes. On the other hand, real estate in Andalusia is highly liquid, it is easy to sell and it is constantly growing in price. If desired, the house will simply be rented out.

However, inexpensive property in this region is not worth buying, even if you find it. With a high degree of probability she will be in poor condition and it is good if she does not bring you legal problems. To rent such a house is also unlikely to succeed – tourists who come here are not inclined to save on their own comfort.

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