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How to buy property in Cyprus

Cyprus is a legendary place. Here epochs and cultures intertwine, here the clear sea and white sandy beaches, and the mountains come close to the water. This is a special place, and those who live here will not exchange it for anything else.

The climate here is mild and warm, even on cold winter nights the temperature does not fall below 5 degrees Celsius, and the tourist season lasts from April to November. A large number of unique species of plants and animals live here, which are no longer anywhere in the world. Spending even a short vacation in Cyprus means leaving a particle of heart here.

No wonder a lot of people would like to stay here forever. Today it is quite simple to do this – having bought a house or an apartment, you have the right to apply for a residence permit (if the price of your property is above a certain threshold) or just spend the summer here.

Reasons to buy property in Cyprus
Good geographic location. Located at the crossroads of the sea between three continents, Cyprus provides many opportunities for doing business on an international scale.
The unique nature and the best climate for humans – a lot of sun, heat, clean air and the sea.
Well-developed infrastructure – tourism, business, transport.
Developed medicine, affordable to most residents.
Many schools and colleges that provide education at a European level. Recently, the Russian diaspora has grown here, so the first educational institutions in Russian have been opened.
The relative proximity to Russia, to Moscow from here 4 hours by plane.
Affordable cost of utilities and a small amount of tax deductions.
The crime rate here is one of the lowest in the world.
The cost of Cypriot buildings is constantly growing, due to the fact that the area of ​​the island is still small.
Types of Cyprus Real Estate
For the same amount you can purchase different types of Cyprus property. When deciding what to buy – a house, an apartment, a land plot, consider not only the costs of acquiring and processing the transaction, but also the further costs of maintaining your purchase. These expenses also largely depend on the type of property you have chosen.


This term refers to many buildings. There are three types of villas:

separate in the complex;
Individual buildings are small and luxurious, but some common features are common to all.

The lack of an underground floor, which is not built here due to the characteristics of the soil and the level of seismicity.
The location is at least 15 meters from the sea, since the law provides this place for a public beach area.
The height is within three floors, so as not to obstruct the view of the neighbors, which is again regulated by laws.
Compliance with the general style of the island and the nearest village.
Separate villas in complexes, as a rule, have three bedrooms and a front garden. The complexes themselves include different types of buildings, or consist of buildings of the same class. As a rule, buildings in such a settlement are located around a public pool, the contents of which residents pay together.

Semi detached villas got their name due to the fact that they have one common wall with the neighboring one. They are also included in residential complexes with a common pool, have a front garden, but they are smaller than separate ones and more often have two bedrooms.

Other types of buildings
The bungalow differs from the villa in that it always has one floor. They are built both in residential complexes and separately. A plot of land and an individual or public pool are always attached to them.

There are many houses in the traditional style in Cyprus, but it is easier to meet them in the mountains or foothill villages. Such buildings are surrounded by gardens, they have large courtyards and outbuildings. As a rule, they survived more than one repair, and in most of them only the external appearance survived from the previous architecture.

Maisonettes are called townhouses. They are usually two-story, with two or three bedrooms. Maisonettes are not built more spacious – for those who are able to purchase them, it is more convenient to buy a villa.

Apartment format real estate
Apartments in Cyprus are divided into studios (or studios) and apartments. A studio is a small apartment consisting of one room, a kitchen separated by a bar or step and a sanitary unit, usually with a shower. Most studios have a terrace or balcony.

Apartments are apartments with two or more rooms. The kitchen in them is not allocated in a separate room, it is just a kitchen area in the dining room or living room, and the number of bathrooms depends on the number of bedrooms.

Foreigners can buy land on the territory of the republic only if their area does not exceed 4000 square meters. m. At the same time, there should be permits for the construction and connection of communications on hand. Citizens of other countries do not have the right to buy more than two objects with a Title Page on the island. However, if you plan to purchase a plot of a larger area or a larger number of objects, it is enough to register a local legal entity.

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