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Obtaining a residence permit in the Czech Republic

Among the European countries where Russians prefer to relocate, the Czech Republic is in the leading position. There are good reasons for this. Czech language is related to Russian, it is easier to learn than, for example, French. Getting a job here is an achievable goal.

For immigration, you can rent a house or buy property in the secondary or primary market. There are enough offers, the average price per square meter in the country is 3300 €. Renting a one-room apartment in Prague costs 350-450 € per month, in other cities or in the countryside it is usually cheaper. Settlement in the Czech Republic is much easier when obtaining a residence permit.

Benefits for owners of a residence permit
A residence permit is not automatically granted to property owners in the Czech Republic. They receive only visa benefits – the opportunity to apply for a multi-visa and remain outside the country for 180 days a year. For those with a residence permit there are no restrictions on residence. There is a condition – a permit for long-term stay is renewed every 5 years.

The holder of a residence permit may:

study at educational institutions for free;
buy property in the Czech Republic;
apply for a mortgage or consumer loan at the bank;
acquire movable property;
get European-style rights.
It is problematic for foreigners to find work in the Czech Republic, they only accept holders of scarce specialties. The future employer must justify the need for a non-resident to be admitted to the supervisor. There are no obstacles to the owner of a residence permit while employment – he can optionally change his place of work, quit.

How to get a residence permit
There are several ways to obtain a residence permit in the Czech Republic. So, for a long-term residence permit, foreigners applying to a Czech university apply. Education in the country meets European standards, while teaching in Czech is available free of charge. Tuition in English is on average € 1900 per year, specific prices depend on the choice of the university and the direction of the faculty.

To receive a free higher education, an applicant must speak Czech at B2 level on the CEFR scale. Exams will be charged between 20 and 40 €. Successfully passing the entrance test, a request for a residence permit is approved and a hostel is provided. Accommodation in it is paid, the cost of 70-160 € per month. Many students prefer to rent an apartment in Prague or Brno, where the country’s largest universities are located.

Other grounds for granting a residence permit in the Czech Republic:

employment at a local organization;
owning a business in the country;
marriage or family ties with a Czech citizen.
To get a job in the Czech Republic, a foreigner can apply for a special category C visa and do independent searches. The second opportunity is to find an employer through the Internet site and receive an invitation from him. A residence permit issued after entering work is temporary and is valid only under the current employment contract. Unique specialists receive a residence permit without difficulty.

A foreigner should not buy a ready-made business in the Czech Republic – because of the lack of knowledge of all aspects of the situation, it is likely to acquire a problematic or completely unprofitable enterprise. Starting a business in the country is a difficult task. Competition is high, market niches are full. In the restaurant, hotel, real estate industries, supply exceeds demand. To conduct activities in the popular field of medicine, in particular cosmetology, high qualifications and good command of the Czech language are required.

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