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Relocation to permanent residence in Deggendorf, Germany

For example, I was surprised why most Germans prefer to live in rented apartments, if there is an opportunity to purchase their own housing. On this issue, my spouse and I had a different opinion. Now we live in our 4-room apartment in a small town. But first things first.

Why we decided to buy our home
Immediately upon arrival, we got to a temporary camp, where we stayed for several days. There we were issued documents and identified with the place of residence. Since most of my relatives live in Bavaria, we asked for it there. In addition, it is a rich land where you can easily find work, which can not be said about the north of Germany.

They sent us to the small town of Deggendorf on the banks of the Danube with a population of 38 thousand people. It is located 130 km from Munich. Even in the camp, we were informed that there are free social apartments there, one of which we can call in. No, they are not like our Russian communal apartments or Khrushchev’s. Social – because they are located in houses that were built by the city administration especially for poor citizens. We belonged to this category until we went to language courses and did not find a permanent job. All this time, of course, we were paid a living allowance and paid apartment rent, utilities.

When my husband and I got a job, and our total income began to exceed the cost of living, I had to pay for the apartment out of my pocket. At that time, the rental of our social dvushka together with a communal apartment was about 350 euros. This is the usual price for such housing.

So we lived until 2014. One day we came to the conclusion that we can afford to buy our own apartment on credit. I wanted something more spacious. After calculating the cost of rent and monthly payments, it became clear that there was practically no difference. Now renting a 4-room apartment in our town costs about 800-1000 euros. For a loan we give 750 euros + utilities 240 euros. But the main thing is that our apartment is growing in price every year. If we want to sell it at some point, we will make good profit.

How did the selection process go?
Initially, we considered the option of a private house. The price did not differ much from the apartments, but there were moments that did not suit us: remoteness from the city, year of construction, lack of repair.

Apartments and houses were searched on the official websites of real estate agencies that cooperate with banks. Also periodically looked into the branches themselves located in our city. There are about 10 banks that put up for sale real estate.

We found our apartment absolutely by accident when we returned from a walk in the evening and walked past the bank office. On the glass facade hung a poster with different offers of housing. There we saw an advertisement for the sale of a 4-room apartment, located near the city center. The price was 150 thousand euros. What did the bank offer:

94 sqm apartment m;
hobbiumum with an area of ​​10 square meters. m (another room in the basement, which can, for example, be used for the pantry or gym).
a place in the garage, which is located under the courtyard of the house.
The very next day, we called the bank. An employee made an appointment with a broker. We were shown the apartment on the same day. Everything worked out: the repair was fresh, the location was suitable, the house was 1981. For the price it was an ideal option.

How much money did you have to give as a result
As I said, the cost of the apartment was 150 thousand euros. However, the expenses did not end there. I also had to spend money on:

natarius – 718 euros;
2 taxes to courts (local and central court) – 7600 euros;
interest to the broker – 5355 euros.
A total of about 14 thousand euros were spent. We gave this money out of our own savings, and we had to take the bulk of the loan. They took it from the bank from which they found an apartment. By the way, the percentage of credit we have is 1.9%. But one could find even less. For example, a month ago in Germany we received an offer from the Russian Sberbank to take up to 200 thousand euros at 0.8% per annum.

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Infrastructure and local life
We were very lucky with the place. Within a radius of 500 meters there is a school, a college, two supermarkets (standing across the road), one hypermarket, a bus stop, a railway station, a couple of clothing stores, one shoe store, and one cosmetic.

As for the neighbors, it is mainly Russian. There are 8 apartments at the entrance, 5 of them are visitors from Russia. I can’t say that we are friends, but everyone here is friendly to each other. In Germany, it is not customary to go on a visit without warning, unless you are, of course, close relatives.

The Germans who live with us on the porch are also very friendly people. All older, but very active. Often go skiing in the Alps, relax in the neighboring countries of Europe.

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Relocation to permanent residence in Deggendorf, Germany
For example, I was surprised why most Germans prefer to live in rented apartments, if there is an opportunity to purchase their own housing. On this issue, my spouse and…