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Why do Russians love Alicante so much

For more than 15 years, Spain has maintained a leading position among countries that are most attractive to investors from Russia. Local realtors confirm that the Russians are among the top 10 non-resident investors who actively enter into sales transactions in the local real estate market.

Russians prefer three main regions: the Canary Islands, Catalonia and the Valencia Community. It is to the latter that the province of Alicante belongs, which will be discussed today. By the way, Nikita Mikhalkov, actors Yevgeny Mironov and Yuri Stoyanov, as well as singer Lada Dance became the owners of luxury real estate here at the time.

The combination of several factors at once, such as the large Russian community, reasonable real estate prices, close proximity to the sea, good opportunities for renting real estate, well-developed infrastructure, affordable food prices and much more make this region as attractive as possible for investors.

According to the same local realtors, the average budget of Russian real estate buyers in Alicante is 80-350 thousand € – for apartments and apartments, and up to 3 million € – for luxury villas.

About the region
The history of the ancient city of Alicante dates back to the time of the fortified settlements of the Carthaginians. During the Moors, it was a busy shopping center, and later acquired the status of a major seaport.

For the first time, tourists drew attention to Alicante in the middle of the last century, and by the 70s the city had turned into a famous resort with magnificent promenades and well-developed infrastructure. The main historical symbol of the city is considered the fortress of Santa Barbara, which existed from the time of the Romans, Arabs and Phoenicians, who once founded the city here. It is located on Mount Benatankil, known for its bizarre outlines. Alicante is also known for its quarter of Santa Cruz – narrow winding streets, garlands of fresh flowers and the ancient church of Santa Maria in the Gothic style, erected on the site of an Arab mosque – famous pilgrimage sites for an endless stream of tourists.

The coast on which Alicante is located is called the Costa Blanca, or White Beach. Not surprisingly, numerous beaches with snow-white sand, favorably shading the azure of the sea waters and the blue of the sky, are infinitely beautiful against the background of the dazzling sun. True, on the beaches of Alicante the sand is mostly golden.

The attractiveness of Alicante, as a tourist Mecca, is due to many factors. Beach vacations here are carried out from May to October, local beaches have a very convenient gentle entrance to the sea, from here you can comfortably get to other resorts of the country. There is also an extensive excursion program and many family hotels, both in the resort and near it.

In addition, there is one of the largest airports in the country, which receives up to 13 million passengers a year. Therefore, holidays with children are especially popular here. Still – 30 minutes and you are on the beach. Hotels on the coast pay special attention to ensuring that a vacation with a child is as comfortable and complete as possible.

Alicante beaches
The coast of Alicante has a developed infrastructure – numerous bars, cafes, restaurants, rental items of beach equipment and many playgrounds. Lifeguards are on duty at all beaches.

One of the best beaches here is considered to be Postiguet beach, which is located at the foot of Benacantil Mountain. The beautiful promenade, clean, fine sand attracts especially many tourists who rent housing in Alicante.

To the east of the center is the beach of Albufereta, a little further – one of the most popular beaches – San Juan. It is the longest – almost 3 km. All of these beaches have blue flags. This means that cleanliness and safety are guaranteed here.

Almadraba beach is suitable for families with children – there is a gentle entrance and a gentle calm sea, and you can endlessly admire the tiny boats swaying in a quiet bay.

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