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Where is better to live and buy property in Madrid?

In my previous article, we examined the benefits of living in the Spanish capital, Madrid. In this article I will tell you more about the most comfortable areas for living in the Spanish capital. So, the most favorable areas of the Spanish capital are:

Where is better to live and buy property in Madrid?
El Barrio de Salamanca (Salamanca District)
It has always been the best place to stay in Madrid, as it is one of the most exclusive areas of the capital in terms of acquiring housing. In 2019, Salamanca is once again positioning itself as the most expensive area in Madrid, with an average price per square meter of € 4,929, according to an official housing assessment (TINSA).

This is certainly one of the safest areas of Madrid. And, despite the fact that he is sleeping, the proximity to the city center allows its residents to combine living in it with trade and business.

Located opposite Salamanca. He does not lag behind her either in the quality of life or in the cost per square meter – 4783 €. There are fewer shops, however, you can enjoy the center of the capital and its green and sports areas, visit the original bars and Michelin restaurants.

Malasaña (Malasanya) and Chueca (Chueca)
Ideal neighborhoods for those who never stop. They are rich in cultural diversity, located in the center and known in the world for their nightlife and amazing atmosphere. In addition, the districts attract with their history.

Their location almost in the center of the city dictates the corresponding real estate prices – 4426 € per sq. m

Chamartín (Chamartin)
This area is preferred by wealthy middle-aged Madrid, as it is located close to the business center. Government offices, embassies (including Russia), the most prestigious international institutions, colleges and business schools, as well as modern institutions and restaurants are concentrated here. Since Chamartin was created during the Franco era for the residence of the political elite, there are no historical buildings with beautiful facades, however, this does not prevent Chamartin from being one of the best areas of the capital in terms of infrastructure, price and location. The average cost of a square is 4371 €.
Los Jerónimos (Jeronimos)
An ideal place to buy an apartment if you are looking for a quiet place for a family with children. This is a very cozy and quiet area of ​​the capital. Jeronimos is located in the Retiro district, so it is surrounded by many green areas and museums, and its streets are built up with magnificent houses of the late XIX – early XX centuries, owned by the aristocracy. All this, as well as the complete lack of nightlife, have made this corner of Madrid an elite oasis, loved by wealthy people of the older generation. Accordingly, real estate prices here are quite high. Of course, it all depends on the apartments, in historical buildings the price can reach 14,000 € per meter, but the average cost in Retiro for 2019, according to an official estimate of housing, is 3,872 € per square meter. m

It is also a great place to purchase apartments in Madrid, as the extensive Monte de El Pardo forest area is located nearby. Pilar is great for relaxing on weekends, and real estate is cheaper than in the Retiro area, due to its greater remoteness from the city center. Average price per sq. m – 3190 €.

It is one of the best areas of Madrid if you want to get away from city noise and live near walking green areas. The area arose thanks to the successful implementation of the environmental restoration project, as a result of which the highway along the Manzanares River was moved underground, kilometer hiking routes and park areas were created. The cost of housing – from 3500 € per sq. m

Moncloa-Aravaca (Moncloa-Aravaca)
Another safe and good area for living in a metropolis, but also one of the most expensive – 3633 € per square meter. m. This is a quiet and peaceful area, located close to the center and the University of Madrid.

The most inexpensive, but not necessarily the worst areas of the Spanish capital include:
Villaverde – € 1,637 per sq. m
Puente de Vallecas – 1726 per sq. M. m
Usera – 1872 per sq. M. m
Carabanchel – 1987 per sq. m
La Latina y Vicálvaro – 2130 per sq. M. m
Villa de Vallecas – 2205 € per sq. M. m
Of course, this is not all areas of Madrid. And even the most detailed description does not compare with a visit to each of them. Therefore, we advise you to come and purchase at least a short time to enjoy the incredible atmosphere of the Spanish capital and find your place here for the soul.

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