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Where in Germany to buy real estate and how much does it cost

For those who have affirmed in their decision to invest in German foreign real estate, it will not be amiss to familiarize themselves with the intricacies of living in Germany. This is especially true of such key social needs as the choice of place of residence, as well as the level of medicine and education. Moreover, if you intend to purchase real estate not only for the purpose of generating income, but also have the intention to move to this country forever.

The medicine
German medicine has come a long and thorny path from medieval alchemy to reputable universities, whose medical faculties have given the world many famous doctors and scientists.

Many years of successful experience, an excellent technical and intellectual base allow us to achieve the highest rates in almost all areas of medicine. Modern Germany occupies a leading position in the quality of medical services worldwide.

A high level of medical care is achieved through a combination of diagnostic accuracy, the latest technical equipment of clinics and modern treatment methods.

The healthcare system in Germany is funded by the state, all the conditions for the continuous development of medical science and technology are created here.

The country’s education system is slightly different from the usual European systems, it consists of four stages: preschool, primary, secondary and higher education. Pre-school education is a kindergarten, which is mainly privately owned. Children receive primary education in comprehensive schools. At the end of primary school, students go to high school. This is a gymnasium, a real school, a primary or unifying school. Each type gives the student different knowledge and opens up various possibilities after it is completed. Higher education is provided by universities of a humanitarian orientation, universities of applied sciences, higher specialized schools, as well as universities of technical specialties. Higher education has several levels, after which diplomas of bachelor, master, doctor are issued.

The duration of study at school and gymnasium is 13 years, then it is necessary to study at a university for another 4-6 years. Thus, a master’s degree can be obtained by 25 years. In reality, Germans with higher education begin their careers only at 27–28 years.

Higher education received in Germany is highly valued all over the world – graduates of German universities are traditionally welcome in many large corporations.

Where in Germany to live well
Both for large megacities and for small cozy German towns, the characteristic features are safety, comfort, and well-developed infrastructure. The level of these indicators is analyzed when compiling the ratings of the cities that are most comfortable in terms of accommodation.

Frankfurt am Main. It is also called the financial capital of the country. Many business centers, banks and offices of large companies are concentrated here. Numerous exhibitions of world significance are held here annually. The Germans themselves live in the suburbs, but wealthy foreigners prefer the city center.

Munich. One of the most expensive cities in Europe. The infrastructure here is the best in the country, and one of the best in the world.

Hamburg A city that is surrounded by greenery. The level of improvement here is one of the highest in Germany.

Nuremberg. A beautiful Bavarian city that is perfect for employment and living.

Stuttgart There are a lot of industrial enterprises. However, the city is known for its many green valleys and parks. The west side is a great place with everything you need for a quiet measured life, because the city center is a fairly noisy place.

Dusseldorf A beautiful city on the Rhine. There are many banks and offices of major enterprises, as well as museums and restaurants. Near the luxurious houses, the most ordinary high-rise buildings peacefully “coexist”.

Most Germans live in villages. In fact, there are few million-plus cities in Germany. It should be noted that villages and cities here differ only in their size. The same paved roads, the same washed asphalt, the same developed infrastructure, only housing and rental prices in villages are significantly lower.

Where to move to live? It all depends on where you can find a job. Even in relatively underdeveloped regions, very strong employers are found. That is, employment is the first priority when choosing a place of residence. The second is your personal preferences regarding the dynamism of life. Someone loves silence, others are attracted by the noise of large cities.

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