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Moving from Alanya to Mahmutlar Russian Freelancer Experiment

Work multiplied by leisure
Anatoly does not like to sit in one place. He is twenty eight years old. He graduated from the Department of Foreign Languages ​​at St. Petersburg State University. He is fluent in English and German. At the household level – Bulgarian and Turkish. The guy is promoting virtual resources. Leads a specialized website for the sale of advertising texts. Vera has been living in Turkey for several years with her girlfriend. Just a few weeks ago, they moved from the center of Alanya to Mahmutlar and are very pleased with it.

Life in Russia
I have a craving for languages ​​since childhood. My older brother was fond of electronics. Repair computers. “Iron” itself didn’t attract me much, but programming gave me a chance to earn money already in high school. There was a need for a good knowledge of English. I transferred to school with a special bias. Plus tutor and films in the original. I decided to develop this area more seriously. He graduated from the philology department and took up advertising texts at a professional level. Soon he earned his first solid money.

But something was missing all the time. I wanted to get in touch with the outside world. And the northern climate hit me a lot. The child was always sick in the winter. The work did not limit me in terms of a particular place of residence. I decided to combine it with a fun holiday in warmer places.

Bulgaria. First experience
A university friend of mine married a Bulgarian and moved to live in Albena. I often talked with him on Skype. And then one day he tells me – “Listen, but it would be good for you to twirl here. I don’t have anyone to talk to. ”

Well, in terms of chatting there are enough people. This is it in vain. “Russo-tourist” at every step. But these are special people. Mental is more about revelry, rather than bosom friendship. In general, he infected me with the idea of ​​moving. I asked him to find a cheap hotel. He made a visa and drove off. There he met Vera. She is a manager from Yaroslavl. Rested in Bulgaria. Vera returned home, but then I helped her arrange paper for a stay. It was a period of constant changes of apartments. This did not suit me. And the country itself seemed provincial, not quite interesting for a Russian person. Of course, this is not so. Just my personal impressions. Nevertheless, I began to look for a new version of impressions.

Hello, Turkish coast. Alanya – a mixture of tradition and avant-garde
First, we purchased an expensive apartment in Alanya. I designed my personal account in them, and Vera got a job as an administrator in a hotel. It was a period of violent euphoria. Things were going well with us. I thought that we could easily pull all future expenses. I must say right away that in Antalya itself housing is unreasonably expensive. Of course, not by Russian standards. At home at the same price, you get three times less comfort.

We refused a loan and made a purchase right away. That was our mistake. But we took a chance and enjoyed swimming in the sea and relaxing on the beach of Cleopatra. The infrastructure there is impeccable. Choose any restaurant by price and orientation. The bazaar is always the freshest products. acceptable price. Our stomachs are used to the abundance of vegetables and fruits on the table back in Bulgaria.

The house was arranged service at height. From the balcony a wonderful view. Satellite, internet, intercom. Air conditioning, underfloor heating in the bathroom. The full-time office worked like a clock.

Unfortunately, the world has become restless. Syria, refugees, Trump elections, ups and downs with Brexit and market fluctuations hit the virtual advertising market. Last year, my earnings decreased by several orders of magnitude. The time has come for radical changes and more economical expenses.

From our complex to the beach, walk ten to fifteen minutes (pictured is a view of the sea from the complex on the first line).
Moving to Mahmutlar
We thought – “Why such an expensive apartment for people with no complaints? We don’t even have a car. And needs are limited by the most necessary things. ”

We rented housing and began to look for a more economical option. We stopped at an apartment of two rooms on the second floor. Here, the shops, bazaar, pharmacy and beach are approximately the same. This city can be called quite Russian-speaking. I know this annoys many, but not us. We are lucky to have positive meetings with interesting compatriots.

It was necessary to decide what to do in the future. My friend and I have long thought about the form of residence with further citizenship. It used to be all the same. But Vera is expecting a baby. She wants more stability. She examined many apartments in the vicinity of Alanya before the New Year.

Found at a reasonable price, for forty thousand euros. We decided to get a loan for a period of one year. Many of these “noose” are afraid here, but in reality everything is not so bad. Interest rates are small. Two or three percent in Russia did not even dream of you. You can negotiate discounts and certain additional requirements for comfort. If you paid the first installment (in our case, 25 percent), then just a boring marathon of gradual payments.

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