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How I bought apartments in Sunny Beach in Bulgaria

Having received such information from relatives, we examined the site of the developer, who was also a seller of apartments, and contacted the sales manager. After that, they assessed their financial capabilities and decided to purchase two-room apartments in the Sweet Homes 3 complex, which is under construction on the 4th line. The contract was signed in 2014, and the object was commissioned in 2016. It was then that I came to Bulgaria for the first time and issued real estate rights.

How we chose apartments
Choosing the right apartment was very easy. The site of the developer has complete information about the price, area and layout of the apartment. In 3D mode, you can see how the surrounding area looks. We chose apartments on the 4th floor overlooking the pool and the main entrance to the complex. It is worth saying that all apartments are decorated in a single design style, equipped with furniture and household appliances (TV, microwave, air conditioning, refrigerator).

Our developer has been building the Sunny Beach resort for a long time, since 1998. By 2020, about 10 complexes have been built. Each year, 1–2 new facilities are erected. The sales department of this company invited potential customers to stay in free, ready-made apartments for 3 days, so that it would be easier to make a purchase decision. Housing was provided free of charge, as the developer independently manages the previously constructed residential complexes.

Additionally, having paid only the road, you can live for several days free of charge upon signing the contract. Relatives took advantage of this offer. Of our family, no one went to Bulgaria until the complex was built. Negotiations with the sales manager were conducted over the telephone; he spoke fluently in Russian. Documents certified by a notary were transmitted through relatives. The whole process of choosing and buying apartments in our case was as follows:

First, we received the first information from relatives who had already made a deal. We paid attention to their reviews, recommendations.
Then we studied the site of the developer-seller. We chose the apartments and contacted by phone with the deputy sales director in order to clarify all the details of the upcoming transaction.
After agreeing on all issues, we signed a preliminary contract of sale and made an advance payment.
In 2016, after paying the full price and putting the house in, we notarized a shared ownership right for several family members at once.

Apartment cost and support costs
Payment can be made in euros or leva. The cost of housing depends on the number, rooms, floor, street view. Two-room apartment (4th floor) overlooking the pool, which we liked, cost 64 thousand euros. We made an advance payment of 30 thousand, and the remaining 34 thousand paid for about 2 years. At the same time, no additional interest was taken from us. There were fears that in the event of force majeure, we would not be able to make a regular payment on time. However, the manager assured that the schedule could be shifted. We transferred money about once every 3 months. When processing the transaction paid state duty.

After buying a home, Bulgarian property owners need to periodically make additional payments:

Support and service. It is carried out by the management company. This includes expenses for the protection of the territory, the maintenance of the pool and the There were fears of repairing house communications, etc. Every year we pay 650 euros for these services.
Cable TV for 1 year – 30 euros. 6-7 channels are broadcast in Russian (ORT, NTV, Hunting and Fishing, Our Cinema, etc.).
Wired Internet for 1 year – 50 euros. The complex has a free, public wi-fi network, however, the quality of its connection is poor.
Monthly payment of water and electricity. No gas has been supplied to the complex, there is no central heating either, so we do not pay for these energy sources.
Annual municipal tax for property owners (about 100 euros).
Internet and television are voluntary services, and even if they are late in payment, they are not immediately turned off. In the case of electricity, the situation is different. Delay in payment, even for one day, will lead to automatic disconnection of the apartment from electricity. Municipal tax is calculated each year and is paid personally by the property owner.

Personal impressions of Sunny Beach
The famous Bulgarian resort Sunny Beach stretches for 10 km along the Black Sea bay. In the off-season, from November to May, only a few thousand people live here. Slynchev-Bryag is greatly transformed in the summer. At this time, dozens of hotels, summer cafes, restaurants, as well as a water park, go-karting and many playgrounds with attractions open.


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