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How we decided to buy an apartment on the Costa Daurada

There were several reasons for this. Firstly, I learned about the real-estate crisis in 2008–2013, which has hit a price crisis. in this country. It continues now, although, in fairness, we note that prices are no longer as “tasty” as before, when apartments could be bought at half price from their real value.

Secondly, the number of sunny days at any point on the Mediterranean coast is more than 300 days, for our person it is just a paradise.

Thirdly, I realized that it is not necessary to buy a penthouse on the seashore for a couple of hundred thousand euros – there are cheaper options in small towns some distance from the coast at a price 2-3 times cheaper.

Fourth, here you can take a mortgage even to a non-resident at a ridiculous interest. I will add to these reasons the normal infrastructure in the cities of the coast, safety and delicious cuisine. And then my mother-in-law died, leaving a 3-room apartment in the center of Yekaterinburg, which can be sold. In general, they knocked out their resources, multiplied by a huge desire to buy a house in Spain, and began to search.

How to choose
Due to limited financial capabilities, we were looking for real estate not necessarily on the coast itself, but also in a slight distance, not more than 1 km. Our priority was the resorts on the Costa Daurada, since this is one of the cheapest Mediterranean resorts in Spain, especially since we already had a rest there and know a little about the region.

First, we selected several options through the agency, and went personally to look at them, combining the pleasant (rest, albeit winter) with the useful. I’ll immediately get ahead of myself that it helped us a lot. In the first housing, the acquisition of which we were most inclined to, the main trouble that struck us was an empty city in low season. He seemed to have died out and looked sad. But we also wanted to come in winter. We didn’t like it.

In second place, the infrastructure did not indulge, everything needed was somehow very far away, this did not suit us either. And only the third apartment, in the town of Salou, was suitable.

How much money had to put
When buying an apartment abroad, you will have to give money not only for real estate, but also to incur other expenses. I’ll tell you what we had to pay. So, we bought an apartment of 50 square meters. m in the town of Salou – the unofficial center of the tourist region of the Costa Daurada. The cost of the apartment was 91,000 €. Barcelona is 100 km away, Tarragona, the provincial capital, is only 10 km away. They took real estate in a mortgage with an initial payment of 40%, which in monetary terms is a little more than 36,000 €. We were assigned 3% per annum. Acquired in the secondary market, did not do repairs – the apartment is in good condition. There is a living room, two rooms, a toilet with a bathroom. The house is 5-storey, multi-unit. The distance to the beach is 400-500 meters.

For what else I had to pay
The very first payment is a guarantee that the apartment, therefore, does not go away and for the translation of documents. It cost us 1850 €. The down payment was € 36,000. Tax on transfer of rights cost us almost 9000 € and the services of a lawyer almost 1000 €. It seems they paid nothing more.

Keep in mind that when applying for a mortgage, you need to open an account with a Spanish bank. The mortgage can be issued for 5-30 years. Our apartment is inexpensive, so we issued for 10 years with the condition that if possible we can close the loan earlier: they have some kind of law recently passed, so that early closure of the loan without fines is a reality.

Living conditions
We live in Spain on short visits, as work allows, mainly in the summer. They came a couple of times in winter, but there is a problem with heating and if it is cold enough on the street, then the apartments are not very comfortable. If they lived permanently, then they probably solved the problem, they simply were not very interested in this topic. Our neighbors are normal, because of the language barrier we communicate a little, but in English we can exchange a few sentences. What is noteworthy – with the onset of heat, they become more welcoming :).

The climate is comfortable. Winters are warm and rainy, and summers are hot and dry. After our Ural winters we are very comfortable. Warm sea. By the way, Spain is a large country and the climate between the southern and northern coasts or central regions is quite different.

Prices in stores are more or less. Cucumbers and potatoes for 1 €, tomatoes for 2 €. We don’t like bread, mainly baguettes that lose their taste the next day, the price is from 0.5 €. If you buy bread with loaves, then it is stored longer, and costs about 1 €. Bottled water, from 30 euro cents (the most tasteless) per liter. There are a lot of good sausages, cheeses, meat – everything is in abundance, prices on average are not higher than ours.

If you have lunch at the bar, then everything is also very acceptable. A large paella pan with seafood costs about 10 €, fish and vegetables less than 5 €, a portion of potatoes – 2 €, a glass of wine – 1.5 €. In Barcelona, ​​all times 2 times more expensive.

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