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My experience buying an apartment on the Aegean coast of Turkey

My story of moving to permanent residence is not much different from others. I came to my Turkish husband in Istanbul from Russia in 2014. At first she lived in one of the old districts across the road from the Bosphorus. Despite the local beauties, the prospect of remaining in a noisy metropolis was not attractive. Until now, it is associated with a lingering winter rain, summer stuffiness and the peculiar smell of the sea during a storm.

A place under the sun
In a few months I managed to look around, travel around the country, study the climatic features. At first I planned to settle in Antalya or the surrounding area. However, after resting in one of the southern resorts, she changed her mind. Hot humid climate did not suit me. The summer season is long, and I did not want to sit under the air conditioning from May to September.

Of all the popular destinations, the southwest coast of the Aegean Sea in the vicinity of Izmir was most liked. The decisive role was played by climate and nature. Due to the low humidity and constant wind it is easy to breathe here. I can hardly stand the heat, but with open doors and windows it is tolerant even in the July heat. In the second half of September the temperature drops, and the weather is comfortable until the end of December. Winter lasts two months. In January and February, the temperature during the day is in the range + 13 … 16 ° С. If the south wind blows, it warms up to + 19 ° C.

I chose between Kusadasi (Bird Island), located 97 km from Izmir, and Didim, a small resort town. It is located 70 km from Kusadasi, on a peninsula opposite Bodrum. The cost of housing is approximately the same, but Bird Island surpasses Didim in population and tourist density, and number of storeys of buildings. I was more attracted to nature, so the choice was determined by:

buried in verdure at home;
the famous beach “Altyn Kum” (golden sand);
2 cozy bays with wonderful beaches;
local flavor;
prospects work husband.
Property selection
We lived in a hotel, got acquainted with the sights, and examined the apartments with a realtor. The number of real estate agencies per square meter still surprises me. Judging by the active development, they have something to do. The pace of construction and infrastructure made the cozy town attractive for real estate investments.

Local features
I wanted to buy a duplex with a large terrace on the second line from the sea – away from the noisy promenade, but within walking distance to the beach. Apartments in resort towns near the sea are oriented to foreigners and have a small area. Such property is bought with pleasure by the British and Germans for summer vacations, as well as pensioners for permanent residence.

Typical apartment of 55 sq. M. m includes a living room combined with a kitchen and access to a large balcony – 20 sq. m. m, two bedrooms of 10-12 square meters. m, a bathroom, a tiny corridor. Developers rent all apartments with decoration and kitchen furniture. There are also fully furnished apartments with expensive finishes on the market. The cost of budget starts from 30,000 €.

The price depends on the prestige of the area, panoramic view. The cheapest apartments are on the ground floors with access to the garden or pool. Locals call them “depot.” For me they are poorly blown, in winter they smell of damp. Typically, such homes are bought by people aged who want to spend the summer in the shade of a vineyard. Recently started to build studios (0 + 1).

My choice fell on çatı katı (duplex) with an area of ​​115 square meters. m on 4-5 floors under a roof in a sieve – a complex of 4 single-entrance houses with a closed guarded territory. Duplex has a good layout:

On the ground floor there is a living room, a bedroom, a kitchen, a spacious corridor, a bathroom, two balconies.
On the second – a spacious bathroom, two bedrooms. On the opposite sides are two terraces – 20 and 13 square meters. m
One of the terraces overlooks the field and the sea that goes beyond the horizon. The distance to the central beach is 750 m. Most of all I was worried about the roof. In a poorly heated room in winter, molds appear in homes with poor insulation. Fears were in vain.

The deal took place in 2015. The cost of a two-level apartment with a total area of ​​115 square meters. m was $ 63,000. Over the past time, the dollar has doubled, but in lira prices for budget housing have increased slightly. We did without a mortgage, and paid for the purchase immediately.

Drawing up a contract of sale, submitting documents to the cadastral office to receive TAPU took one day (240 €). The title system in force in Turkey guarantees the purity and legality of the transaction. Agency services cost about 3% of the cost. The size of the commission was discussed with the realtor in advance. The remaining issues were dealt with by her husband, although the lawyer offered after-sales service. Then:

issued insurance against natural disasters (230 lira);
paid property tax and annually pay 250 lire;
received Ferdi Iskan – technical passport (350 €);
concluded contracts with water and gas supply services ($ 140).
Communal expenses
On the territory of the city there is security, a small garden.

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