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Turkish citizenship for investment

Turkey grants citizenship to the investor and his family for a significant contribution to the country’s economy. In this case, you can get a passport according to a simplified scheme.

In September 2018, the Turkish government announced a decrease in the threshold for participation in the citizenship program for investments in all areas. Under the new rules, citizenship can be obtained according to more affordable schemes.

Convenient program
Citizenship for the whole family

Turkish passports are received by the investor, his wife and minor children.

Visa-free entry to 111 countries

A Turkish passport gives you the right to visa-free or simplified entry to 111 countries, including Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong and South Korea.

Double citizenship

In Turkey, dual citizenship is allowed, you do not have to give up your country’s passport.

No accommodation requirements

To obtain a Turkish passport is not required to live in the country. The main applicant must visit Turkey only to apply for citizenship and submit biometric data.

No Turkish proficiency required

You do not have to take an exam in knowledge of the Turkish language.

Visa to the USA

Turkey is one of the countries of the E-2 agreement, which makes it possible to move and do business in the United States on an investor’s non-immigrant visa. This type of visa is not available for Russians.

Visa to the UK

With a Turkish passport, you can move to the UK and create your own business under the Association Agreement between Turkey and the European Economic Community.

Non-risk program

The Turkish scheme for granting citizenship for investments is not included in the list of risk programs for evaluating the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development.

Citizenship is passed on to future generations

Children, grandchildren and all subsequent generations will also receive Turkish passports.

“When buying real estate in Turkey, the whole family of the investor receives citizenship by a simplified procedure. Moreover, real estate can be issued only for one person. ”

Profitable investment
Rental income

Real estate can be leased and receive additional income.

Return on investment

An exit from investments is possible in 3 years. You can resell the property after 3 years, while retaining citizenship.

Fast resale property

The average sale period for an object in Istanbul and on the Mediterranean coast is 2 – 3 months.

No income declaration requirements in other countries

If a newly made Turkish citizen does not permanently live in the country (more than 6 months), then he does not need to declare international income.

“If you purchase real estate for 250 thousand dollars in Istanbul or on the Mediterranean coast, then in addition to citizenship, you will also receive a net rental income of 5-7%. After 3 years, housing can be sold and earn excellent money on this, because the prices for Turkish real estate are growing steadily. ”

Options for obtaining Turkish citizenship for investment
Buying a property worth more than $ 250,000. Housing must remain in ownership for three years.
Investing $ 500,000 in a manufacturing or business in Turkey
A deposit of $ 500,000 in a Turkish bank for a period of three years
Purchase of government bonds in the amount of $ 500,000 with the possibility of receiving dividends and an obligation to preserve assets for three years
Company registration and creation of at least 50 jobs in Turkey for a period of three years
Acquisition of a share in an investment or venture fund in the amount of at least $ 500,000 for three years
Turkish citizenship process
Consult a Tranio immigration specialist. Our consultant will study your situation in detail and offer real estate for investment.
Prepare documents. Our lawyers will help you prepare all the documents and check them for compliance with the requirements of the program.
Invest. You must buy real estate in Turkey in the amount of at least 250 thousand dollars and arrange all the papers for the purchased housing. To do this, you will also need to open an account with a Turkish bank and get a Turkish tax number. Tranio experts will guide you through the entire investment path from selecting a property to completing a transaction.
Get a residence permit. To apply for citizenship, you need to have a residence permit in Turkey. However, you are not required to reside in the country. A residence permit is issued immediately after making an investment.
Apply for citizenship. Immediately after obtaining a residence permit, you need to apply for citizenship.
Get a Turkish passport. You can have two passports, you do not need to renounce the citizenship of your country.
Please note: Obtaining citizenship or residence permit of another country, a Russian citizen must declare within 60 days in accordance with the 6th article of the Federal Law of the Russian Federation “On Citizenship of the Russian Federation”.

Documents for obtaining citizenship for investment
Application and application form
Original and copy of passport translated into Turkish and notarized
Certificate of registration in your country, translated and notarized
Copy of Turkish residence permit.

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