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Alanya How I bought an apartment here

I bought an apartment in Alanya in Turkey in the winter of 2019, I decided to share my purchase experience, I hope it will be useful to those who decide to change the harsh climate of our country to the sea and the sun of the Mediterranean coast.

Why bought?
The first reason is money. He closed a brokerage account in anticipation of a crisis in the global economy (do not throw slippers – this is my personal opinion) and decided to invest in real estate, not only in Europe (expensive), not in Russia (many reasons), but in almost native Turkey, where everyone has a rest a year already 10 years.

I chose the city of Alanya, since I bought it here more than half of the tours, I know it thoroughly. During the summer holidays, almost everyone likes it – many Turks know Russian, the sea is warm, people are friendly, prices for things and products are low. The city is well-groomed, beautiful, bright.

Of course, there were fears about life in the winter: resort towns often look out of season looking depressed. Alanya is also a little different in winter than in summer, but: there are enough people here, the city is cleaned and not at all dull, and the number of sunny days pleasantly surprises. In general, the choice fell on this region.

How to choose
I’m a single man again, I’m not burdened with family ties, so I don’t need a big apartment, and there was not much money – I picked up an option up to 50,000 €. Found no problem. First, bought in the winter, when prices fall, sometimes significantly. Secondly, housing is located at some distance from the sea. Thirdly, he took housing not in a new house, but with a 15-year history, and this costs much less. Fourth, the value of real estate in Alanya is lower than in Antalya and, especially in Istanbul.

The apartment is located in a house located half a kilometer from the seashore (3 line). Initially, I was not going to buy closer, since it is more expensive. In addition, in houses near the sea, there is high humidity and is quite chilly in winter: I don’t like it, however, as well as the house, which, it seems to me, is exposed to more impact and wears out faster. But these are just my thoughts. I have three rooms, the total number of apartments in a 9-story building is 18.

I do not live in Turkey permanently – always in the summer and for several weeks during the rest of the year. It all depends on work in my native Voronezh, which cannot always be done remotely and my presence is sometimes necessary. There are no more Russians in the house, I don’t know if it’s plus or minus – I didn’t specially choose it. Sometimes communication with compatriots is annoying, and sometimes, on the contrary, you want to chat with your own.

Transaction amount
Three-room apartment cost me 42,000 €. The repair is fresh, partially with good furniture. That is, I’m not going to make any additional investments yet, except for buying some little things – chairs, some household appliances, shelves in the hallway.

In addition to money for housing, there were additional costs, for everything about everything about € 1 thousand. Approximately 500 € was spent on a residence permit, medical insurance, state fees. The same amount included the preparation of all necessary documentation and notarization. Another 500 € had to pay for the transfer (bought through a local realtor) and the services of a lawyer. There were no more expenses.

By the way, according to the assurances of my friends, apartments in Alanya can be taken even cheaper, but then there will be no beach nearby.

Living conditions
I do not need a car in Alanya, everything is within walking distance. I can take a bus to the beach (it costs 2 lira – 1 lira about 10 rubles), but it’s not a problem for me to walk half a kilometer on foot, especially since the road lies along a bushy alley with a shadow.

Relaxing on the city beach. The cost for two sunbeds and one umbrella is 18 lira for the whole day. But you can just pay for an umbrella or come with your own towel and sit on pebbles for free. Sometimes I go to the famous Cleopatra, the prices there are the same, and if you come after dinner, you can settle in with an umbrella and a sunbed for free, it’s checked.

There are a lot of shops. Near the house I buy essential goods, but periodically I raid Migros – this is a chain supermarket – where there is a lot of choice and prices are lower. Compared to Russia, food and water are at about the same prices, things are cheaper, but alcohol and cigarettes are more expensive: the cheapest crayfish (Turkish grape vodka) – 80 lira, beer – 7 lira, I don’t smoke cigarettes, but people complain about high cost.

I won’t speak about kindergartens and schools because I don’t know, but, according to my new acquaintances with a 4-year-old child who have a residence permit, there were no problems with the arrangement. The daughter’s vocabulary before going to kindergarten was minimal – a few basic phrases, but after a year she was confidently communicating with her peers in Turkish.

The climate is comfortable compared to Russia. Summer, it’s clear that it’s hot, especially July and August, but the soft Mediterranean Sea and air conditioning are everywhere, so this does not bother me personally. Temperature – 30-35 ° C, almost no rain. Swam until the 20th of November, the water in the sea cools for a long time.

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