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What is the attractiveness of real estate in Italy

Italy is a country living in the dreams of many. Now you can become part of it by purchasing real estate here. This will make it possible to live in civilization, and also not to be a stranger in this unusual country. The Italians have created a whole paradigm of features, national color, allowing them to be unique. The combination of rational and emotional in the nature of the people is due to ancient history and geographical location.

Real estate acquisition is a win-win investment and housing fortress. In addition, by acquiring private property there, the holder becomes the holder of a “C” type visa. And this opens the door to Europe for 90 days in each half year.

Acquisition of real estate in Italy, reasons
Studying a country is often associated with subsequent nostalgia. Once in Italy, you can get rid of this feeling only by staying there forever. Choice based on emotional dependence and preference is the main factor in the acquisition of housing here by non-indigenous residents.

What attracts positive emotions in this country:

comfortable climate
unforgettable landscapes
architecture of small towns,
alpine peaks
variety of resorts
features of national mentality,
cultural roots
historical perspective.
Affordable housing is cheaper than in Switzerland, Germany and France. The identity of the workflow when buying an apartment for indigenous and for visitors makes the country attractive to investors and ordinary buyers.

Housing prices vary in different regions of the country. The most expensive – in Rome, more affordable prices in Turin and Palermo. Milan and Naples are in the middle of this line.

Several factors influence the formation of value: the economic condition of the administrative region, the location relative to the coastline and urban centers, the condition and decoration of the apartment, the appearance from the windows, and the construction time. Prices are higher in the north of Italy, lower in the south.

Sicilian real estate has a low acquisition threshold due to the lack of industry, even if it has the most attractive recreation areas and a better climate. A building of six apartments in a three-story building with a shop and a garage on the ground floor in a small town can be purchased for 120,000 euros.

What is the attractiveness of real estate in Italy

Pricing in modern conditions
The world economic crisis did not pass by Italy, and its own legislation gave the Italians a surprise. The presence of a second apartment is subject to so many taxes that many prefer to get rid of them altogether. Thanks to which there were more offers, and the choice was wider, which ultimately affected the fall in housing prices.

Marking in local sources “possible bargaining” is of real importance. Sometimes, during the bidding process, the price can be halved.

Document acquisition of real estate
Paperwork consists of several stages. Having opted for a specific option, the buyer makes a statement of the final decision. The replica is a kind of go-ahead for initiating action. Realtors’ commissions are paid (3-5%). Then the seller approves the offer of the client and the contract is signed with signatures.

The contract contains a detailed description of the terms of sale and the quality characteristics of the purchased property. When concluding the contract, a deposit of 10-15% of the purchase price is paid. The amount, in case of refusal by the buyer, is non-refundable.

After that, the parties to the transaction draw it up notarially, at this stage it is better to use the services of a translator with legal knowledge in order to be aware of all the nuances of Italian law in the text of this agreement. In the end, they pay for the work of a notary, pay fees and taxes, and the rest for housing to the seller.

With the optimal organization of paperwork, a transaction will take a week.

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What is the attractiveness of real estate in Italy
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