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13 reasons to fall in love with Sicily

Between North and South, between East and West, going to the center of the Mediterranean Sea, lies Sicily – the crossroads of all roads. One has only to see its archaeological wealth, visit one of its markets, take a walk through its cities to understand how many peoples and cultures have left their mark here. And all this is located on incredibly beautiful landscapes, surrounded by seas, volcanoes and mountains. It is impossible to visit Sicily and not to visit the brightest and most amazing places.

1. Syracuse
This city is stunning with its charm. They say about him that this is the image of the eternal beauty of Sicily, with its Greek ruins rising between lush citrus groves, with its coffee tables scattered across magnificent squares and medieval streets that lead to the turquoise sea. Despite all this, Syracuse is not at all a dusty and abandoned museum exhibit. Life here is in full swing, as evidenced by the constant noise of cars and mopeds, the bustle in the markets and the crowds of admiring tourists.

Here you can explore the vast field of Greek ruins, admire the delicate sprouts of papyrus in the old pool or take a walk along the sparkling square paved with marble (Piazza del Duomo, the pearl of the city).

2. Aeolian (Aeolian) islands
All seven Aeolian islands are exceptionally beautiful, and each of them has a special appeal. The most picturesque and interesting sights are the active volcano on Stromboli, the green vineyards of Salina, the luxury hotels of Panarea. However, peace is most attractive on these islands. Here you can forget about daily stress and rush and live at a slow pace, as the local population does. Life here is significantly different even from neighboring Sicily.

3. Erice
In the west of Sicily descends from Mount Eric and goes to the sea the city of Erice. With every turn when climbing the mountain, it seems that there are no more beautiful views, but tourists are advised to keep the battery in the camera all the way to the top of the mountain, which is crowned by the Venus Fortress and the park around it. It offers magnificent panoramic views of San Vito Lo Capo and the Egates Islands. It is not surprising that many centuries ago, people considered this place sacred and built a temple here.

The historic center of Erice includes a hiking trail passing through sixty wealthy churches. According to one voucher, a tourist can visit five main attractions of the city: the bell tower, the Duomo treasury, the workshops of wood carvings of San Martino, the group of the Mysteries of San Giuliano and marble sculptures of San Giovanni. But there is nothing better than a simple walk through the narrow streets, secret patios and dead ends.

4. Outdoor performances in Syracuse and Taormina
Aeschylus would be fascinated to see that after 2500 years his plays are still staged in the magnificent amphitheater of Syracuse, carved into a rock that rises above the city. Every spring, the classical theater organizes a cycle of performances. And within a month, viewers can see plays staged on the same stage where Aeschylus himself went and presented his latest tragedies. From June to August, similar performances are held in the Greek theater of Taormina. It was built in the III century BC. The premieres of international films are also shown at this theater, and famous rockers and dancers perform. Thanks to its ideal horseshoe shape and location, the Greek theater of Taormina is considered the most picturesque in the world and the second largest in Sicily.

5. Volcanoes: Stromboli and Etna
Determined to maintain their performance, the great volcanoes of Sicily continue to erupt sulfur fumes and lava. 350 years after covering Catania with ashes, Etna continues to keep the population under pressure, while the Stromboli volcano remains a beacon for Sicilian ships. Climbing any of these terrible beauties is easily done in one in one day, although you can admire them from a distance. One way or another, both of these mountains are one of the most important Sicilian attractions.

Etna rises in the east of Sicily for more than 3 thousand meters. After the Alps, it is the highest mountain in Italy and the largest active volcano in Europe. Six cities in the western part of Etna – Catania, Paterno, Blancavilla, Adran, Bronte and Randazzo – a great vacation spot.

As for Stromboli, only the top of this huge underwater volcano emerges from the deeps of the sea, rising 1476 meters above the island. Here, the glamorous atmosphere of luxurious relaxation is combined with the difficult, half-miserable life of the local population. Climbing Stromoboli is possible only under the guidance of an experienced guide.

6. Cefalu
This is one of those places in which it is impossible not to fall in love at first sight. The endless sandy beaches washed by the Tyrrhenian Sea, the towers of the cathedral located on the hills – this is the best combination to create excellent pictures.

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