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Calabria Historical and cultural features of the region

Calabria is the administrative region of Italy, which includes five provinces and is located on the southwestern edge of the Apennine peninsula. The hills are washed by the waters of the Ionian and Tyrrhenian Seas, as well as the Gulf of Taranto and the Strait of Messina, which separates Calabria from Sicily. This geographical location contributes to the development of sea and mountain tourism.

Historical Features of Calabria
Archaeologists claim that this territory was inhabited from ancient times, but it gained its fame in the VIII century BC. e. thanks to the Greeks who colonized it and called it “kalon brion”, which translates as “fertile land”. Thriving under the Greeks, Calabria fell into decay during the Roman conquest. Deserted area for many centuries has become a haven for pirates.

The following important events of the region are displayed on the pages of the Calabrian historical book:

stay in the Kingdom of Sicily;
the struggle of the Anjou and Aragonese kings;
stay in the Kingdom of Naples;
raids of the Berbers and Turks;
revolutionary national upsurge led by Giuseppe Garibaldi;
stay in the united Italian kingdom;
the formation of Calabria as the administrative region of modern Italy with the capital Catanzaro.
Cultural features of the region
The inhabitants of Calabria use for their communication numerous dialects based on Greek and Albanian languages, the dialects of individual Italian provinces, so it is difficult to understand their speech, even if they are fluent in modern Italian. Part of the cultural heritage has become the national cuisine of Calabria. It is based on Mediterranean traditional cuisine, but has special features.

For various reasons, the locals were often threatened with a small crop, so they learned how to store food in olive oil. This method is used to store sausages, cold meats, smoked sardines, cod, saber fish and other similar products. The region is proud of its wines, although they are unknown outside of Italy. Some vineyards of Calabria originated during the period of Greek colonization.

Calabria Historical and cultural features of the region
Historic Sites of Calabria
Palm trees.
On the territory of Palmi, founded in the 10th century by the inhabitants of the ancient city of Taurianum, numerous historical sights are kept. The church of Chiesa del Crochifisso not only survived during several earthquakes, but also revealed an ancient secret in the form of funeral chambers of monks with antique seats located under the main altar.

In the Museum of Ethnology and Folklore, you can see exhibits dated to the 5th century. Museum collections reflect the life and life of shepherds, peasants and fishermen of Calabria. The institution presents traditional costumes, inexpensive jewelry, furniture, tools, objects of religious beliefs. In the vicinity of Palmi is an archaeological complex with the ruins of Taurianum.

The small ancient city of Gerace, located on a cliff top 10 km from the ancient settlement of Lokri, stores valuable historical monuments on its territory. Archaeologists claim that people have inhabited these lands since the Neolithic. In the era of Ancient Rome, a military garrison was deployed on the territory of modern Jerache.

In the XI century, the city became the center of the Norman principality, whose representatives built a castle on top of the cliff. Nowadays, the ruins used as a historical landmark remained from it. Among tourists, the well-preserved center of the medieval city of Jerache, in whose territory there were 128 churches, enjoys wide popularity.

Only a small part of them has survived to this day:

Norman Cathedral;
the small church of San Giovannello;
Greek Church of Santa Maria del Mastro;
San Francesco church with baroque precious altar.
In the city of Stilo, the Byzantine church of Cattolica di Stilo, built in the 9th century in the classical Byzantine style and is a national monument of Italy, is located. The brick building in the shape of a cross is crowned with five domes, four of which are located in the corners and one in the center. Inside there are elements of frescoes and some Arabic inscriptions, one of which says: “There is only one God.” Apparently, once the church was in the role of a Muslim temple.

Nocher Terinese
The following historical sights have been preserved on the territory of Nocera Terinese:

the majestic baroque church of St. John, which stores in its walls numerous murals and oil paintings of the XVII century;
The first local Christian church of Santa Maria;
Monastery of the Order of the Conventional Lesser Brothers, preserved from the Middle Ages;
archaeological park of Temeza, located in the vicinity of the city.
On the territory of the ancient city of Rossano is the Cathedral of St. Mary of Akeropit, which has three naves and three apses. It was built in the XI century, but was reconstructed in the XIII-XIX centuries. The bell tower and the font are dated to the XIV century.

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