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Real estate in Slovenia? Why not!

Why exactly Slovenia? Having been here even once, you will surely be imbued with the charm of this small but charming European country. Excellent climatic conditions and a wide variety of natural landscapes contribute to the most vivid and unforgettable experience.

This is a beautiful country, both for recreation and for life. Hospitable, good-natured locals and amazing cuisine will not leave anyone indifferent. The official language is Slovenian, it belongs to the group of Slavic languages, therefore it is extremely easy to understand. Having arrived in Slovenia, Russian people quickly adapt to the national environment and culture of this people.

The favorable geographical location and proximity of the developed countries of the European Union make it a convenient place not only for traveling, but also for doing business. It often happens that, having visited this country as travelers, people want to return there permanently for permanent residence. Moreover, having Slovenian citizenship, you can become a full-fledged citizen of Europe and freely move around its territory.

If you want to live in Slovenia
Buying real estate in Slovenia, you take a step towards the European Union. True, Russian citizens as individuals cannot buy real estate in the territory of this country. Only citizens of Europe and the United States have this right. But Slovenia has a very favorable investment climate. Authorities welcome the development of foreign business on their territory. Therefore, if your desire is unshakable and you really decide to settle in Slovenia, then there is a solution to this problem.

Foreign citizens, according to Slovenian laws, can open companies in this country and register them in their name even without limiting their shares, that is, a foreigner can be the sole owner without involving indigenous people. A legal entity is entitled to acquire movable and immovable property in the territory where it operates.

In addition to the purchase of a residential and commercial fund, it is also proposed that temporary documents be issued with permission to get a job and with a residence permit. This applies to the owner of the company and its employees, who may also not be official residents of the Slovenian Republic.

For people who have never encountered buying a property abroad, all of these options seem problematic and extremely complex. In fact, nothing is impossible. This is already a well-established business, so there are many intermediary organizations that will gladly take upon themselves for a fee both the registration of a legal entity and the execution of a real estate transaction. So, first things first.

Real estate in Slovenia? Why not!
How it will actually
First of all, you should do business registration. The easiest way to make your organization a society with limited rights and responsibilities. The time required for the registration procedure, as experience shows, does not exceed two weeks. Please note that the authorized capital must be more than ten thousand euros. It is absolutely not necessary to personally participate in the registration, all the necessary powers can be delegated to your representative by issuing a power of attorney for him.

While there is a registration process, you can already begin to look closely to the apartment. In Slovenia, the same real estate agencies operate as in all other countries of the world. In addition, due to the regular demand among our compatriots, they already have Russian-speaking employees in their staff who will help to choose the best warrant from a large database of offers. And to choose a house by the sea or a chalet in the mountains is a matter exclusively for your taste. In addition, they always have a large assortment of commercial offers from hotels to industrial and office premises.

When a legal person is registered, and the property is selected, you can proceed to registration, which is fixed in the usual contract of sale. This agreement will still need to be registered with the State Real Estate Cadastre of the Republic of Slovenia.

Two weeks minimum or a month maximum will be required to complete this entire procedure. During this time, the buyer must open a special account and transfer the amount due for the purchase there. As soon as the transaction is registered in the Cadastre, the seller will have access to it, and the buyer will receive an extract from the Cadastre in his hands, in which he now confirms the ownership of the purchased object.

How much money is needed
In addition to the cost of the property itself and a 2% duty in favor of the state, a certain amount remains to be spent. Let’s calculate all this in euros:

10 000 € – registered capital;
2500 € – additional costs on the design of your organization;
200 € – to a notary public;
250 € – to the translator (if you don’t know the language yourself);
80 € – for an extract from the cadastral base.

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