Nicosia for the first time in seven years surpassed Limassol in terms of home sales
We are already familiar with the biological rhythms of man from our articles and the E-book. A person’s heart beats with a frequency ranging from 55 to 85 beats /…

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Alanya How I bought an apartment here
I bought an apartment in Alanya in Turkey in the winter of 2019, I decided to share my purchase experience, I hope it will be useful to those who decide…

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Obtaining a residence permit when buying property in Northern Cyprus
Northern Cyprus attracts tourists from Russia with a safe environment and a favorable climate. The temperature in the resort country in the coldest months does not fall below 10-15 °…

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branches themselves

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5 most picturesque islands of Italy

Surely every travel lover dreamed of visiting the wonderful country of Italy. On the world map, you can immediately recognize it by its unique form, namely the shape of a boot. But various islands with picturesque landscapes and a rainbow atmosphere also adjoin its territory. They not only delight the eye, but also provide an excellent opportunity for relaxation. These islands include Capri, Procida, Ischia, Lampedusa and Lipari.

5 most picturesque islands of Italy
This island is suitable for both lovers of a relaxing holiday, and for large companies and families with children. It is here that there is a wide variety of secluded bays and wide beaches. The island of Capri is the most attractive for travelers because of the Blue Grotto, a cave with a magical color of water. In the capital you can find excellent restaurants and company shops. Continue reading

Immigration to Italy: visa benefits and advantages of obtaining a residence permit

According to the latest survey by the reputable Gallup Public Opinion Research Institute in 2019, more than 20% of Russians would like to immigrate. That is, every fifth resident of the Russian Federation is not ready to put up with the unfavorable state of affairs in the country: high inflation, falling incomes with a constant increase in prices, the instability of the economic situation, and low security.

Back in 2014, only 7% of the Russians surveyed wanted to immigrate, in 2017 – 17%, and by 2019 – 20%. The indicators are growing, and the active part of the population of the Russian Federation stands for immigration – among middle-aged people and young people, 44% of those polled vote for it. As part of the research, the question was asked about choosing a preferred place for relocation. 40% of respondents favored immigration to European Union countries. Continue reading

Buying Property in Italy

According to statistics of the portal 1‑, in 2018, more than 3.5 million applications for a Schengen visa were received from Russian citizens. At the same time, Italy is one of the most popular countries for holidays with Russians. Almost half a million people who applied in 2018 wanted to get to this country. Russians are the main core of tourists who want to see Italian landscapes.

Why do Russians buy property in Italy?
In Italy, foreigners have the same rights to purchase real estate as Italian citizens. When making a transaction, you do not need to obtain permits from local authorities. To purchase an apartment in Italy, the buyer is not required to have a residence permit.

The presence of ownership gives the holder the right to obtain a multiple Schengen visa. After completing this document, you can stay in Italy for 90 days for 6 months. For a longer stay, you must have a residence permit. Acquisition of real estate in Italy is not an automatic basis for obtaining a residence permit, but will be taken into account when considering the submitted application. Continue reading

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