Turkish citizenship for investment
Turkey grants citizenship to the investor and his family for a significant contribution to the country's economy. In this case, you can get a passport according to a simplified scheme.…

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Property Maintenance Costs in Turkey
The purchase of a house or apartment always entails expenses for its maintenance. Real estate in Turkey is no exception. Russian citizens who are happy to buy housing in this…

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Unusual property. Houses on water and under water
From ancient times, water attracted people. After all, this is not just a source of life, but part of our daily routine. We cannot do without her even a day!…

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capital to cover inflation

Alicante. Buying Property For Rent

According to Spanish real estate agencies, more than 20% of the total housing stock in Spain is leased. In Alicante, this figure is even higher – 30% and will only grow due to the expansion of tourism, experts predict.

This is not surprising – the magnificent Mediterranean climate, numerous historical sights, magnificent promenades and the magical sea attract millions of tourists every year, who each time discover a bright and welcoming Spain in a new way.

The development of international student programs, as well as the lack of desire among modern youth to acquire their own square meters, contributes to an increase in the share of rental housing.

Taking into account the fact that Spain is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, short-term rental housing for the summer period guarantees a 5% return – in the summer months, almost 90% of the resort housing is booked here. Continue reading

Autumn has come: where to spend the “velvet” season?

So the summer passed, most of us returned to our jobs and will now be jealous of those who “shine” their vacations only in September. After all, the “velvet” season is an ideal time for relaxation, both financially and from a medical point of view.

On the one hand, September is still summer, the sun is quite gentle, and the water at the resorts of the Black and Mediterranean Seas is warm. But in September there is no longer such sweltering heat as in August. Ultraviolet is less aggressive, so you can sunbathe even in the middle of the day. At this time of the year, there are fewer vacationers at resorts, fruits are getting cheaper, housing and hotel prices are much lower than during peak season in July-August. In general, the “velvet” season is a solid plus. It remains only to decide on a specific vacation spot.

Crimean resorts in the “velvet” season were popular in the XIX century. The famous doctor and enlightener Sergey Botkin so vividly described (and substantiated scientifically) all the benefits of a vacation in Crimea in the fall, that the whole elite of that time reached here. Continue reading

Real estate in Prague – an alternative to investment in real estate in Moscow?

According to the results of recent years, the Czech Republic is steadily among the ten countries in Europe that are in demand among real estate investors. And it is Russian investors who take a large market share, who consider buying an apartment in the Czech Republic, and in particular in Prague, a promising and profitable investment.

Demand for rent is stable, access threshold is affordable, the rights of owners are well protected by law, the country’s economy is not a concern. All this allows us to confidently talk about buying property in Prague as a good investment option in foreign real estate.

What real estate can foreigners buy in the Czech Republic?
There are no legislative restrictions on the purchase of both commercial and residential real estate in the country. From commercial real estate, office, warehouse and retail premises, restaurants, and hotels are available for purchase. But the greatest demand is for residential real estate in Prague. Continue reading

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Alicante. Buying Property For Rent
According to Spanish real estate agencies, more than 20% of the total housing stock in Spain is leased. In Alicante, this figure is even higher - 30% and will only…