Obtaining a residence permit in the Czech Republic
Among the European countries where Russians prefer to relocate, the Czech Republic is in the leading position. There are good reasons for this. Czech language is related to Russian, it…

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What is the attractiveness of real estate in Italy
Italy is a country living in the dreams of many. Now you can become part of it by purchasing real estate here. This will make it possible to live in…

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Real estate in Montenegro. What to expect for the Russians in the coming years
Montenegro has been attracting the views and attention of Russians for about fifteen years, many of which consider this country not only as a vacation destination, but also as a…

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front door

Alanya How I bought an apartment here

I bought an apartment in Alanya in Turkey in the winter of 2019, I decided to share my purchase experience, I hope it will be useful to those who decide to change the harsh climate of our country to the sea and the sun of the Mediterranean coast.

Why bought?
The first reason is money. He closed a brokerage account in anticipation of a crisis in the global economy (do not throw slippers – this is my personal opinion) and decided to invest in real estate, not only in Europe (expensive), not in Russia (many reasons), but in almost native Turkey, where everyone has a rest a year already 10 years.

I chose the city of Alanya, since I bought it here more than half of the tours, I know it thoroughly. During the summer holidays, almost everyone likes it – many Turks know Russian, the sea is warm, people are friendly, prices for things and products are low. The city is well-groomed, beautiful, bright. Continue reading

My experience buying an apartment on the Aegean coast of Turkey

My story of moving to permanent residence is not much different from others. I came to my Turkish husband in Istanbul from Russia in 2014. At first she lived in one of the old districts across the road from the Bosphorus. Despite the local beauties, the prospect of remaining in a noisy metropolis was not attractive. Until now, it is associated with a lingering winter rain, summer stuffiness and the peculiar smell of the sea during a storm.

A place under the sun
In a few months I managed to look around, travel around the country, study the climatic features. At first I planned to settle in Antalya or the surrounding area. However, after resting in one of the southern resorts, she changed her mind. Hot humid climate did not suit me. The summer season is long, and I did not want to sit under the air conditioning from May to September.

Of all the popular destinations, the southwest coast of the Aegean Sea in the vicinity of Izmir was most liked. The decisive role was played by climate and nature. Due to the low humidity and constant wind it is easy to breathe here. Continue reading

Residence permit in Montenegro

The beautiful nature has made Montenegro an extremely popular tourist destination for a variety of holidays – from relaxing on the sunny beaches of the Adriatic Sea to hiking in the green mountains for lovers of active. Given this, the government’s desire to join the EU and a tax-friendly business system, Montenegro is becoming an attractive candidate for permanent residence.

Obtaining a residence permit in Montenegro is the first and necessary step in your plan to move to this Balkan country. In Montenegro, there is a clear understanding that further economic success will be supported by immigration, so obtaining a residence permit in Montenegro is certainly quite realistic.

Obtaining a residence permit in Montenegro is relatively easy, but there are several important steps that must be followed exactly. With this publication we begin a series of articles in which we will try to consider all issues related to staying on the territory of Montenegro.

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